Bath Time Made Easy

This is a great product that makes bath time a breeze! If you have small children, it can be tough to kneel next to the tub on the hard floors and lean your elbows on the hard surface of the edge of the tub. This great product, called the Safety Bathtime Easy Kneeler provides perfect cushion for your knees and elbows so that you can stay close to your little one during his or her bath all while staying comfortable and saving your joints from pain!

This also has a non-slip base to improve safety as well. If bath water gets puddled outside of the tub when your little one wants to splash around, there is a much smaller chance of him or her slipping and falling when they get out of the tub to get dried off. This is super easy to store because it folds up and there are also pockets to hold your little one’s shampoo, washclothes, and bath soap.

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