Sports Trading Cards are Great Summer Incentives

As Summer quickly approaches I am preparing for my children to be home for part of the day by themselves. As a way to encourage good behavior I give incentives to the kids. My boys are at that in between age where they are old enough to stay home by themselves for half a day in the summer but they do not have transportation to go and do as they please. I have found that incentives help keep them focused on good behavior. Being very active kids they are sports nuts. From baseball, to football, to hockey, they watch  it all. They have sports trading cards that they collect, as  a way for them to complete their team collections they earn money to buy the cards.



I keep a chore chart at home and when they complete a task a certain wage is given for that task. When they are busy doing their chores they keep out of trouble and there is less fighting. It also teaches them many great life lessons such as responsibility, organization, and accountability. I have scheduled the time from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM as morning chore time. They get a break to watch some TV or play outside until lunch then after lunch they clean up the kitchen. The tasks vary from vacuuming, feeding and watering the dog, walking the dog, dusting, garbage detail, and cleaning the bathrooms.  In the end my husband and I are grateful for the help around the house and the distraction it provides to the kids, this way we take less calls at work that call for refereeing.



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