Did you ever want that word applied to you? Whatever your field, doesn’t it feel good to have people look at you and say, “That person is an expert. They know exactly what to do for this.” I read an article recently that gives you some advice in achieveing that goal.

Poll Time

Ok, one of the things I’ve picked up in learning how to blog is to offer different reading experiences. I want to offer one of those new experiences with an open survey. Here’s the survey question: When you visit a blog, what have been some of the biggest distractions? No need to include specific examples in your comment, but be as descriptive as possible so the rest of us can understand what you saw and experienced.

Who blogged the Oscars?

Did anyone try to keep a running diary of the Academy Awards last night? I didn’t have my computer on during the ceremony, but there are a few things I noticed that I want to get some of your opinions on.

  1. There are 3 men who were born to host the Oscars: Johnny Carson, Billy Crystal and Steve Martin.
  2. What was with T-Bone Burnett and the men’s sunglasses? I thought Jack was the only person cool enough to pull that off.
  3. Would Ben Stiller have been funny if, like he said, Avatar had actually been nominated for best makeup?
  4. Why does John Hughes get his own memorial and the likes of Paul Newman and Billy Wilder from years past had to make due with being in the memorial montage?
  5. Is Kanye is rubbing off on others?  Will we have to endure more microphone bandits?

And now . . . your Friday bit of fun

Fox news ran a fun little slideshow today on male celebrities and the facial hair they have sported in the past. Specifically beards. The premise is what would these beards say about their appearance and the celebrity to which they are attached. It got me to thinking: what would other accoutrements say about their functions of the stars. What would the polarized sunglasses of Jack Nicholson have to say? What would Leno’s chin say? It makes life more fun to think about these things every once in a while.

What to get?

I need help with this one.  I have a friend who is close to getting married.  He’s a physician, so I’m trying to think what a good wedding present is for him.  I heard him mention the other day how he would love one of these new men’s lab coats he saw the other day or a tungsten carbide wedding ring so it will stand out in a crowd. My question: are both of these appropriate for one guy to give another guy or should I just stick with tickets to the next ball game?