Social Media mistakes

As the world and communication continues to change, we have to remember that interacting in the social media world is not the island we sometimes think it is. There really is no such thing as a private profile anymore. If your boss wants to badly enough, they can find your Facebook profile, Twitter account and see if you are the model employee and person you claim to be at work. Whether this is constitutional or not is not the topic at hand. It may not be constitutional, but why risk it? Is it worth your livelihood just to be able to post some risquee pics or a few suggestive comments?

Web wariness 2011

When it comes to guarding yourself from the internet, you can never be too careful. Bob Sullivan listed some of the web’s features and tools hackers can use against us in the year 2011. One of the biggest in my opinion is the geolocation tools such as Foursquare. It’s surprising how simple it would be to stalk the right person if they are using Foursquare to broadcast their every move.

Social Bookmarking

This is an interesting revelation, coming from someone who is hoping to stay informed on the current technological trends of the internet. This was brought to my attention by reading Daniel Scocco’s blog in which he mentions the Tehcnorati who keep tabs on the internet. One thing that he mentioned was the use of social bookmarking sites. Most people think of Twitter and Facebook when it comes to social sharing, and the statistics bear that out. But there are other sites that did the bookmarking aspect, such as Digg and StumbleUpon. The data shows though that what is on the public consciousness is also where they go to share links and interesting articles.

Finding Influence

Whether you like it or not, you are in the business of marketing. You are marketing your blog and your ideas. You may have ideas that can change the world, but if no one finds them, what good is your blog going to do? This article from Entrepreneur magazine offers some advice on finding influence, how to connect with the right people to make sure you get noticed by others.