A Great Find on Coach Signature Bags

Travel Luggage Plus--Coach Signature Bag


I love finding great deals, especially on designer items! Coach is one of my favorite brands, so when I can find deals on their products, I really go crazy!

Travel Luggage Plus has an amazing selection of designer handbags. No matter what you’re looking for (black leather handbags, Coach Signature handbags, pocket flap handbags, gallery tote handbags, and more).

If you’re looking for something to get for your mom for Mother’s Day or an accessory to get yourself to tote around this Spring, check out these deals! If you’re not in to Coach, don’t worry about it…they have plenty of other great bags!

What a Great Deal! Discounted Designer Black Leather Handbags

coach handbagbag


My favorite color to sport for accessories is black. It’s so classy and really goes with everything. I can wear black accessories to work and then make an easy transition to go out for a night on the town. Black is so classy and will always be an “in” color.

I love when websites organize their accessories by color, since I almost always go for black. This also makes it easier when I am looking for something else when I’m feeling like changing it up a little bit. I was so excited when I came across these amazing discounted black designer leather handbags. I ordered this Coach East West Gallery Leather Tote Bag and I will be waiting by the door for it to arrive. It was a hard decision because I love them all, so I know I’ll be returning for more! Now to find some cute new black boots to match. :)

Beautiful Kameleon Jewelry

I have a slight obsession with jewelry. I use it to accessorize and spritz up all of my outfits. Accessories can really make or break an outfit! You can take a day look and transition it to an evening look by adding some jewelry and a cute pair of heels.

My favorite kind of jewelry is Kameleon Jewelry. This jewelry is SO fun! It is interchangeable because the stones can be taken out and replaced within the “shell” of the jewelry. So if you purchase a Kameleon Jewelry ring or bracelet, you can change out the stones to match your outfit or look for the day. You can also use a stone that was in a ring and put it in a necklace or bracelet for instance. This is great because you can get a great collection of Kameleon Jewels and interchange them within your Kameleon Jewelry collection. What a great way to accessorize!

Wedding Baskets

I love wedding planing and everything to do with weddings. It’s one of my favorite and most-talked about topics, hands down. I like to look for and share great ideas with people that are looking for wedding advice.

I came across this idea on Pinterest and am loving it! These are baskets for the bathroom at the wedding reception. They are for the guests to use. You can purchase large wicker (or whichever kind you want) baskets and can be filled with things that guests might need to use during the reception to touch up. Some things you can include in the basket: deodorant, fresh wipes, lotion, hairspray, sewing kit, nail file, q-tips, band-aids, bobby pins, tic tacs, gum, aspirin, Tylenol, a Tide to-go pen, tampons and pads for the girl’s basket, and a lint roller. If you think of other things, feel free to add them!

There is a message you can print off to place on the baskets as well. It goes: “We’re so happy you’re here on our special day, but should something happen to go astray, please help yourself to the contents within, hairspray, handlotion and even aspirin! Use what you need and leave the rest, it may be useful to another guest. So repair the damage that may have been done, then hurry back and join the fun!”

This Plus Size Sundress is a Must

Summer is in full swing! What are some of your favorite trends to rock this summer? I’ve been noticing more and more sundresses. I can see why–they are super cute and very comfortable. Depending on how you want to accessorize, you can make sundresses look casual or more formal. It is very easy to transform a sundress from a “day look” to an “evening look”. If you have an evening event to attend, it makes a very fast transformation!

This is a plus size sundress that looks great. If I had this dress, I would rock it with turquoise flats and fun sunglasses for a “day look” and change into turquoise wedges with a silver clutch for an “evening look”. This is just personally how I would wear it, you can choose to rock this super cute sundress however you want to. Pacific Plex has plenty more sundresses if this particular one isn’t your style. They have a great selection and great prices!