Free Spirit

I came across this wonderful picture this morning. I was having a HORRIBLE day thus far. I woke up late and everything went down from there. I did horrible on a test, got pulled over on my way to go take it.. well you can pretty much see how it is, I don’t need to go on.

This honestly changed the path of my day. It’s a new week and even though it’s Monday, I would like to start it out right with the right attitude. I feel like I get caught up way to often with the hustle and bustle of life and forget about how to live life freely.

My advice to start the week out right–read this and take the advice. Do one thing it says a day. It will change your attitude. Share it with others to help make their day great as well! Have a great week :)

Blogging startup

If you’re new to the blogging discipline, you may be unaware of certain events that most every blogger faces. How do you handle guest post rejections? Are you ok with not making money right away? What happens when you hit the blogging wall? What happens when someone leaves a comment criticizing your point of view? All these things are going to happen and then some. Mark Riddix takes a few minutes to help you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Web design errors

In the year 2011, we seem to be coming to a better understanding of what the internet for this society. We have developed websites to best suit the needs and tendencies of the users. However, as people continue to introduce themselves to this world, there are a few basic rules for constructin a web site. Daniel Scocco gives a nice history lesson in his list of web design errors everyone should be aware of and avoid.


As much as we try to be the superhero, sometimes maintaining a blog by yourself is too daunting. That’s especially true if you want to turn blogging into a lucrative source of secondary income. Getting a co-blogger can help with the load of maintaining a blog, but according to Hal Licino, there are 7 characteristics of a co-blogger you should be looking at.