Financial advice

I always think it’s a responsibility we have to make sure we share practical, useful information. It doesn’t always have to be about blogging, but any information on life in general is part of being a human. For instance, we all know the issues with money we face, so I was reading an article by Dave Ramsey, who has some phenomenal advice for anyone looking to get out of debt.


Did you ever want that word applied to you? Whatever your field, doesn’t it feel good to have people look at you and say, “That person is an expert. They know exactly what to do for this.” I read an article recently that gives you some advice in achieveing that goal.

Small talk your way to a blog post

I’ve foudn that everything in life is connected in such a way that we can utilize it for lessons in other areas. For instance, my wife and I found an entertainment center on sale via Craigslist. We went and picked it up yesterday and started small talking with the guy who had listed it. In the course of our conversation, we found out he works at his family’s business of gravestones and vaults. Of course, me being the joker that I am, I almost asked him if people were dying to do business with him. What’s the lesson here? Engage people, ask questions, get to know them on a superficial level if it will be the only time you’ll really talk to them.

Keeping the reader in mind

Well, we have another gem from Daniel Scocco on how to make your blog better. I have to say that I get more from this particular gentleman than anyone else when it comes to ideas on blogging. Daniel has provided a list of things you can do to keep your readers from nodding off when reading your posts. While there are some things he lists that are pretty self-explanatory, there are others which invite discussion. One such item was to make every post entertaining. Scocco really means to make sure there is some humor involved. I would say that while humor goes a long way, placing a joke in every post can undermine your message sometimes. Think about it this way; have you ever had a friend that was always cracking jokes while you were trying to discuss a serious topic? You probably started getting rather annoyed. And I believe we have to treat our posts as a conversation sometimes, a conversation that takes place over many days instead of a few minutes. And if you are always joking around, I have to think your readers will start to get a little annoyed. Humor is a great way to connect with people, but it can also be a shield to hide behind if you’re not careful. Use humor, but don’t sacrifice your message for a joke in every post.