I Love Dexter

I Love Love Love my son Dexter! He is the most amazing little boy in the entire world. I cannot comprehend why he is so wonderful! I know that I am a decent, kind hearted person but I have no idea what I have done to deserve such a perfect being! Dexter is 9 1/2 moths old and the only time he gets fussy is when he is tired. So all I have to do is lay him down in his bed and Dexter falls right to sleep. He sometimes talks to himeself but he never needs any help falling asleep! Dexter is such a happy baby, all he does is smile. It doesn’t even matter if he has never seen you before a day in his life, you are still going to be his best friend for that brief period that he knows you! His laugh, oh my goodness, it is the most angelic sound in all the universe! I am telling you, you have not smiled and have not experienced true joy until you have heard Dexter laugh! He laughs when you look at him. He laughs when you smile at him. He even thinks that it is hilarious when you just open your eyes! He is just amazing. Every part of his tiny body is tickelish! He is so smart too. He recently had hisĀ 9 month check up and some test were done on him and his doctor told me that he is smarter than the average 14 month old baby! I am so proud of him. Now I am not taking all of the credit of raising such a wonderful and well behaved child! My Husband Dagan had a lot to do with it! He teaches Dexter so many different cool things. On days when I am at work, they watch the Minnesota Wild play or the Minnesota Twins play. He may not be old enough to understand what he is watching but boy does he love to watch his sports with Daddy! So I just wanted to kind of brag about my wonderful son. If you also have a wonderful family like I do and want to tell us about it then do so! I would love to hear all about it!

You and I

Ali Luke recently put this simple axiom into a blogging lesson that can be accessed by anyone. Blogging is not like writing essays in school. In school, teachers spend days weeding out “you” and “I” from student works. That’s all fine and good for formal research papers, but the internet is not like that. “You” and “I” helps to establish a rapport and connection between the blogger and the reader.

Blogging tips

I’m interested in a lot of different topics. I try to learn as much as I can about as many different topics, not just blogging. One thing I have learned in other studies that I think is very appropriate for blogging is to listen to timely information. The newer the news and info, the likelier it is to be on top of current trends and thoughts. Especially with the quick pace of technology, this type of diligence is absolutely necessary. So, if you want to find tips on how to build a successful blog, don’t rely on information that someone wrote back in 2005. Find a more current source.

Optimization terms

If you are just getting started with blogging, one thing you will want to research is search engine optimization. Knowing how to get your blog ranked high in Google or other popular engines is a fine art, in order to do that, you need to be fluent with the vocabulary. Daniel Scocco has assembled a list of 20 terms regarding search engine optimization that every blogger should be comfortable with.

Blogging startup

If you’re new to the blogging discipline, you may be unaware of certain events that most every blogger faces. How do you handle guest post rejections? Are you ok with not making money right away? What happens when you hit the blogging wall? What happens when someone leaves a comment criticizing your point of view? All these things are going to happen and then some. Mark Riddix takes a few minutes to help you understand what you’re getting yourself into.