Outrageous Claims

I really don’t care for people who make claims such as the one I saw earlier this week. Someone who was able to make a lot of money in a short amount of time comes out and regurgitates some platitudes that you have heard from other people. The reason I have issue with this and why I consider it to be an outrageous claim is that they are the exception to the way things usually work. Success is normally the result of a slow process of consistent work. Making it seem like it’s a walk in the park quick is a sure way to create disillusion in other people.

Selling links

Daniel Scocco tackled a topic I’ve long wanted to see him address and that is the idea of selling links on your blog. While he gets at least one of these emails a day, he turns them down especially if they have a nofollow tag attached. I’ve never done this myself, but I plan to follow his advice since he obviously has a little more experience and wisdom than I do.


Well, this might come closer to answering the question about what some people would be willign to do for a buck. Fiverr is a site where people and buy and sell products and services for $5. If you think this is some online generic version of the dollar store, think again. The services people are offering can really help a new blogger or entrpreneur. People are advertising images, videos and graphics for your website, blog, etc. Thanks to a guest blogger of Daniel Scocco for the heads up.


I was reading an article about outsourcing, basically the practice of delegating wrok to others that has been done by you or someone else in your business in the past. When it comes to blogging, that means enrolling other authors to create content. My feeling is that if you have a blog that is profitable, outsourcing gives you time to put forth in other endeavors without sacrificing profit.

Poll Time

Ok, one of the things I’ve picked up in learning how to blog is to offer different reading experiences. I want to offer one of those new experiences with an open survey. Here’s the survey question: When you visit a blog, what have been some of the biggest distractions? No need to include specific examples in your comment, but be as descriptive as possible so the rest of us can understand what you saw and experienced.