Custom Exhibit Builders That Are GREAT!



Advertising and marketing is something that really facinates me. This is what my guy does, so he talks to me about the amazing projects that he gets to work on and his job. I love that he shares something with me that is as much of a part of his life as his job and passion, so I’m always willing to listen!

He was talking about these custom exhibit builders that he was working with a lot this past month and he’s super excited to be working with them. Expo-3 is a company that specializes in the custom creation and manufacturing of exhibits for tradeshows and more. They work well with a budget and create amazing pieces. And don’t be turned-off by the fact that they are located in California, it doesn’t mean they just work with local businesses. This is a worldwide company and work with companies all over the place!

Trade Show Exhibits That Are Custom

Expo 3 is an international custom trade show exhibit manufacturer. They have been in the business since 1974 and are great at what they do. Expo-3 is located in Orange County, CA but they are an international business that specializes in global marketing. They are here to help you create an exhibit that ensures your business success. They will help create your visions while staying within your budget and staying within your designated time frame. They do this with a strong design concept and successful marketing foundation.

If you aren’t looking to have a trade show exhibit for your business or company, Expo-3 also creates museum displays and showroom displays. This is a great way to display a product and really make it look great. Their goal is to help you create the best end results and outcomes. They don’t just focus on the “here and now” of your business or company.

This is a great way to go and is a profitable investment to make. You can trust Expo-3 to create a custom and unique trade show exhibit.

Make an Appearance With a Great Trade Show Exhibit

Have you ever heard the phrases, “A first impression is a lasting one” or “you never get a second chance at a first impression?” These are very popular phrases because they’re true. It is so important to have an image and make great first impressions on people that see that image.

This is why it is so important to have trade show exhibits that are top of the line.

Expo 3 is a company that’s all about helping businesses create an outstanding image and uphold that image. They believe that a successful exhibit is the combination of a strong design concept and a solid marketing foundation. They are able to deliver what every business needs to be successful–whether it’s a small family-owned business to a large corporation. Expo 3 can help create a great display for any occasion (a museum display, a showroom display, an exhibit, and more). They can help you create a custom exhibit to match the needs of you and your business.

Orange County Jewelry

This ring is absolutely breathtaking! Not that I would expect anything less from my favorite jewelry store in Orange County. If I’m looking for jewelry in Orange County, I refuse to go anywhere else. Simone and Son has me covered! It’s a family business with great values and a great history. They don’t just see jewelry as a material thing, but understand the love that comes with it as well.

They have an expert team to take care of you and your needs. The master craftsmen have a great attention to detail and quality, believing that each piece reflects its maker. The gemologists have vast knowledge that take the guesswork out of your purchase. The designers bring to the table uniqueness and delicacy that you won’t find anywhere else. Once you visit Simone and Son, you’ll share the same happiness and satisfaction as I have towards these products that are second to none. It truly takes talent and dedication to run a business this well, and you can tell they put time and effort into your happiness.

Custom Exhibit Design

Taking yesterday’s idea and running with it a little, I’m starting to think of all the things that Apple would possibly do after someone predicts they don’t. I got to thinking about custom exhibit designs, those booths you see at trade shows. If Apple ever decided to get into that arena, I’m sure Steve Jobs would find a way to have a press release about the iBooth.