A Fantastic Use for an Old Map

If you have any old maps of the United States laying around in your house (I have to admit that most of the time, I use MapQuest or Google Maps instead right from my iPhone), I found this great use for it! I was browsing around on Pinterest and found this amazing idea.



Cut each state out. Purchase magnets and stick them to the back of each state. You will have to do some extra trimming to make the shape of the magnet match the shape of the state. It works best to attach the magnet to the cut-out state and then cut the magnet after it’s been attached.

This would be great for kids learning geography in school. What a fun way to learn!

Very Cute Valentine’s Day Decoration



I was browsing around on Pinterest yesterday afternoon and saw this super cute, easy DIY Valentine’s Day decoration. All you need is two different sized that are equal in height, cylinder vases,  several boxes of Sweetheart Valentine’s Day candy, and flowers of your choice (I picked some pretty pink roses to bring out the pink Sweetheart candy pieces.

Place the smaller cylinder vase inside the larger one. Fill the gap between the two vases with Sweetheart candy. Lastly, add flowers in the middle. Set this out a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day. It’s a super cute decoration that’s festive and fun!

Fun DIY Craft for Planning



I feel like my home runs SO much more smoothly when I have a plan. When there are plans in place, everybody knows what’s going on and everybody can be on the same page. This helps with communications a ton!

I made two of these cute DIY planners to hang side-by-side in our kitchen. One of them is our food menu for the week, and the other has work schedules, plans, extracurricular activities and school schedules. Every Sunday night I fill each one out for the week.

These were inexpensive to make and help out so much! All you need is an 8-opening collage frame, some scrapbook paper and letter stickers (or a permanent marker) and a dry erase marker. Cut the scrapbook paper into 4 x 6 pieces. Places one in each picture opening after either placing letter stickers or using a marker to spell out the days of the week. There will be one extra opening. You can make this a to-do list space or a title space (such as “menu” or “this week”).

The dry erase marker can then be used to write on the glass of the frame and erased with ease!

Wedding Decor Idea

I know how hard it can be to plan a wedding. It is stressful to try to pull everything together and plan out all of the details, especially with the excitement of  taking such a huge step in your life!

I came across this very cute and inexpensive way to decorate for a reception. It’s an easy to do, inexpensive, DIY craft that looks great! For each one, all you need is a Styrofoam ball (you can find these for cheap at most craft stores, I got some from Hobby Lobby on sale), a hot glue gun, string (I would go with clear fishing line or a ribbon, depending on the look you want to achieve) and silk flowers. You can coordinate these silk flowers with the wedding flowers and go with the same flowers all over (like in the picture) or alternate flowers. Get creative with this!

Hot glue each flower around the Styrofoam ball so there are no spaces showing. Let it dry completely!

Holiday Ribbon Plates

I love making cookies and treats for people around the holidays. Not just Christmas, either. I make treats and goodies for any holiday to share with friends and family: Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I try new recipes and cycle through the old favorites as well.

I found this great idea to use to put the treats and cookies on. I never want to send my good tupperware and plates to people’s houses or I won’t see it again, and I like to put them on something that is visually pleasing (not just a plain, white paper plate). All you need some ribbon, a hole punch, and a paper plate. You can pick out different ribbons in accordance with the season, event, or holiday. Just punch holes in the paper plate an inch to an inch and a half apart and feed the ribbon through the holes. Tie a bow when you make it all the way around for decoration and load up the treats and cookies on the plate! When the cookies and treats are gone, the plate can be thrown away.