The Top 5 Benefits of Custom Wedding Rings

If your reading this you are either engaged, married or planning a wedding, or maybe just interested about wedding rings. I wanted to spread the word of custom wedding rings and let people know the key benefits of choosing customized jewelry. When thinking of the word “custom jewelry” what comes to mind? I tend to believe custom jewelry to be expensive, lavish, extraordinary, overly done and exotic. But, what I didn’t realize were the key benefits and advantages custom jewelry could offer. Before deciding on wedding rings, or engagement rings, think about all of your options, you may reconsider.

1. You Choose the Design: of course the number one benefit is the ability for you to choose exactly what your rings will look like. If you are creative or enjoy design this would be an amazing project to get into. Also, how romantic would it be to have a one of a kind design ring that you got to create with your partner?

2. You Set the Price: as I said earlier, wedding rings, let alone custom wedding rings, can be extremely expensive. But, by designing your own bling you ultimately decide on the price. Have a budget in mind and want to stick with it but don’t want to skimp on design? Create the design yourself.

3. When You Can’t Find “The One“: Haven’t found what your looking for? A custom design may be just the thing to help you decide which wedding ring to choose. Picking out a wedding ring is a permanent and overwhelming job and you want to make sure you make the right decision. If you haven’t found “the one” it may be time to consider designing your own ring.

4. Nobody Else Has One: I’m a big fan of vintage jewelry something durable like my Grandma’s wedding ring. It seems wedding rings are so similar with other’s that nobody really stands out. What is cooler than having a ring that nobody else has in the world? That’s pretty special.

5. Real Meaning: A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity and for many cherished forever. Choosing wedding rings is fun but it’s the meaning behind it that counts. What’s more special than creating your own design to fit your unique relationship?

Fun and Fashionable Party Dresses



Pacific Plex has a ton of amazing dresses for every occasion. They are on top of the latest and greatest fashions and I love their collection of clothes. I discovered this awesome company a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest. I re-pinned this dress of one of my boards and by clicking on it was led to their website.

I ordered this dress to wear to a New Year’s Eve party that I went to and everybody loved it! I have never gotten so many compliments. This dress was very reasonable priced and shipped in time for the party.

I’ve been checking out some of their other great clothes and party dresses and I can safely say that I am IN LOVE! They have so many different styles and sizes. Each piece also comes in a variety of colors.

S’Mores Maker That I Need to Have

If I “NEED” to have something, that must mean it’s pretty cool, huh? Although I love looking and sharing some great products that I come across, it’s not to often that I actually NEED something. But this, I need.

It’s a S’Mores Maker  from a fantastic website I came across called “Solutions”. This website is FULL of great products that make your life easier. I’ll take that!

All you need for this great product is the ingredients for S’Mores (graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, and marshmallows) and some water. The water is poured into the reservoir and it uses heat to evenly cook the S’More. The “arms” securely hold the S’Mores together so it won’t slide and fall apart. When you get done, you are left with a delicious, gooey, chocolatey, and crunchy treat that is sure to be a hit with the kids or when you are entertaining guests for parties and holidays.

Soggy Friday Fun

I don’t know if I’ve shared this in the past, but even if I haven’t, it’s still fun to share. Take a popular movie and condense it to it’s barest essentials with a comic twist. That is the whole premise behind the movies in 5 seconds phenomenon on YouTube. Today’s offering is one of the most over-hyped blockbusters of all times, Titanic.

Friday caption

Well, another Friday has come, which means a chance to have a little bit of fun. It’s caption week this week, and this week’s photo involves a young girl from Germany and her cow. Once you see the picture you’ll understand why this is a perfect candidate for a caption.

It takes a while to milk Bessie, especially if she’s just turned into the back stretch.