This is a little late to be doing with a week gone by since April Fool’s, but I was looking for prank videos and I found this one from a Candid Camera knockoff. It’s mildly amusing and family friendly. The laugh track is a little much, but it is a fun little way to bring some levity to a Friday.

Dangerous Toys

Rather than find a humorous video, photo or news story to manipulate for today, I found this article and realized I didn’t have to do a thing to it. These are real toys on sale, some more expensive than others, that take the term “dangerous fun” in a completely new direction. The list includes such items as a gasoline powered robot suit, a laptop desk that attaches to a car steering wheel and a tricycle that seats seven people. That’s only a handful of items on this list.


This is my last nod to the recently awarded Oscars. It seems that some award winning movies take too long to come to their point. Titanic is a classic example. Someone found a way to tell the whole story in a humorous 5 seconds.

Classic Benny Hill

I don’t know if there are any more Benny Hill fans out there, but he was a modern day charlie Chaplin with his show. He would do silent movies with the film sped up to resemble the old comedy shorts of the early days. Some people gave him flak for objectifying women, but usually Hill’s character was justly punished for his sexist acts.