Halloween Candy

These days buying candy for trick or treaters is too expensive. Kids are more greedy now so they go to more houses and want more than one piece of candy per house. It cost A LOT of money. Bags of candy are getting pretty high in price too! I work at a group home with people with mental and physical handicaps and we, the staff, have to purchase the candy for the trick or treaters! It cost too much money. Even buying the candy in bulk from places like Sam’s Club is still expensive!

Decorating for Halloween

Oh My GOSH!!!  It is so much fun to decorate for the holidays and my favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween! There are so many stores that you can go to find cute decorations for Halloween. For those who cannot afford to spend too much, here is a great suggestion: the Dollar Tree! I am a new mother and cannot afford much but I went to the Dollar Tree and I decorated my whole house in under 30 dollars!

Holiday Meals

There are a lot of holidays coming up. Halloween is right around the corner! If you are planning to have a party Pilsbury.com has so many recipes that you can find just for holiday parties! I looked up a recipes for Halloween and found a jack o’ lantern jello recipe made out of the outside of an orange! There are so many fun ideas for all differnt holidays!

Halloween is Coming!

I love Halloween so much! It is such a fun holiday for everyone! I was starting to feel embarrasssed about how much I loved it because everyone said I was too old, but now I have a baby boy and he is just starting to walk and it is going to be so much fun taking him trick or treating! It is so Exciting! I think the most important decision I have to make, that all parents of young children have to make, is what outfit to put your child in! I am thinking that Toad from the Mario nintendo games sounds like a great one! I have no idea where to find a costume of Toad but nothing gets in the way of a determined mother who knows what she wants! So have fun this upcoming holiday! Remember you are never to old or to young to enjoy it! Look up some good holiday recipes and have a dinner party! Let loose!

Halloween Hangover

Is it possible to get hung over from Halloween? I’m not talking from an adult hangover point of view, but more from a kids point of view. I saw more pirates, vampires and Spider-Men than I care to remember. I saw some of those same kids today and some look like they haven’t come down from the sugar high yet. Others look like they crashed into a brick wall.