The Best Body Treatments Huntington Beach Has to Offer



I love treating myself and my body. It’s important for my mind and body to just take time for myself from time to time. I go to CloudMover Day Spa because they have the best body treatments Huntington Beach has to offer.

Their menu of services is amazing. They offer waxing, massage therapy, body treatments (scrubs, wraps, body polishing and more), facials, organic spray tanning, skincare, beauty treatments and so much more. The available services really are endless. I love that there is always the option of customizing each body treatment to fit your wants and needs.

Take a mini-vacation and stop into CloudMover today!

Huntington Beach Facials | Best Way to Get Rid of Winter Flaky Skin

I have very sensitive skin to begin with so when Winter air is added into the mix, my skin is nothing but dull. I have always had drier skin, especially around my nose, but this Winter it has gotten even more extreme. I usually wash my face 2 times a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. But, I found out that was only drying my skin out even more so I now only wash my face before bed. I thought I would feel gross only washing my face once a day and surprisingly I don’t! And more importantly I don’t have as dry of skin.

Another thing I started doing this Winter was adding a night creme into my nightly beauty regime. I didn’t know much about night cremes because I had never used them in the past so I just bought the cheapest one which was only $14.00 and I love it! It’s called No 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for normal/dry skin. I lather that on every night before bed. It’s not to thick and I haven’t broke out from it. It is just enough moisture to get rid of those dry skin flakes and it’s really moisturizing.

I also exfoliate every other night with an exfoliator (I use up & up apricot scrub because it’s only $2.09 at Target) and works amazingly! Why spend lots of money on beauty when you don’t have to. On top of all this I include a monthly facial. My favorite is Huntington Beach Facials, not only are they relaxing and calming but they clear up my skin and keep it fresh. If I have any blemishes, the facial clears them out, and my makeup glides on so nicely afterwards. I totally recommend getting them if you also have dry skin. Usually my esthetician will customize my facial based on my skin conditions. Since my skin is so sensitive it varies every season!

Beauty Regimen:

Cetaphil Normal to Oily Skin Daily Facial Cleanser 16-oz.

Wash face only once per day with a face wash that isn’t harsh such as Cetaphil (only $9.49 at Target)


up & up™ Apricot Scrub - 6 oz.

Every other night exfoliate


Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Dry/Very Dry - 1.69 oz Quick Information

Apply night creme for dry skin every night

get facials monthly to push toxins out and smooth out your skins surface

Feel Great With a Massage in Huntington Beach

It is important to take care of your body. After all, it’s the only one you get! Many people get massages for several different reasons. Some people get them to help them relax. Some people get massages because they have an injured back. A few people get a massage because it helps with an underlying medical condition such as depression or anxiety. Whatever the reason is, massages have been proven to be both therapeutic and healing.

I go and get a massage about every other week. I wish I could go every week but I just don’t have the time with my super busy schedule! I enjoy the time that I spend at Cloud Mover and it is my favorite place to get a massage in Huntington Beach. The staff at Cloud Mover treat me great and they have such a wonderful selection of services on their menu that I sometimes have a tough time deciding!

Treat Yourself to a Facial in Huntington Beach

I believe that skincare is so important and should be taken very seriously. Skin needs to be taken care of, because once it’s ruined, it’s nearly impossible to get it turned around. Taking good care of your skin is something that should be started at a young age so that the good habits can carry into older age.

I treat myself to professional skincare about once a month. I go to CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach to get a facial. When I go there, I know that I am getting top of the line services with only the best products. They specialize in your skincare. I am so relaxed when I’m there that I feel like I’m on vacation! It’s such a great experience that I keep going back. They also have reasonable prices, so it’s skincare that won’t break my bank. They teach me about my skin and give me great tips to best care for my skin.

I Just Have to Tell You About This Spa in Huntington Beach!

Doesn’t just looking at this picture make you feel more relaxed than you are? CloudMover Day Spa is my favorite spa in Huntington Beach. This is my go-to place for anything I might need. They have such a variety of services on their menu, that I am able to pick and choose what I want and what’s best for my taste and budget.

Custom airbrush tanning, custom facials, natural nail care, custom massages, waxing, microdermabrasion, body treatments, nail treatments, massage therapy, and body waxing are just some of the many things they have to offer. Each of this services is offered and performed by expert staff. It is super easy to do appointment booking online, and they also have the convenience of purchasing giftcards online as well.

If you spend a day at CloudMover, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. You will look and feel like a whole new person!