I have a Netflix account and it’s the best $8 a month that I spend. It’s a great service that I use to watch all of my favorite movies and show series with. It’s so convenient. After signing up, you can look through a ton of available movies and shows in many different genres. These genres include Romantic Comedies, Dramas, Comedies, Sci-Fi’s, Action/Adventure, New Arrivals, Children & Family, and so much more. These are always changing and there’s always new things to watch.

Once you find a movie or a show that interests you, you add it to your own personal Instand Queue. This saves the movie or show so it will never get deleted off of your Netflix unless you choose to do so yourself. That way, if you pick out a 6-season-long show that you’re interested in watching, it won’t get changed out like a lot of the shows do so they can make room for new ones. I would definetly look into getting a Netflix account. Another great thing about it is that you get the first month as a free trial so you won’t have to ever pay anything if you’re not interested in it and want to discontinue.

This service is on the internet so you can watch it on your computer, or choose to hook it up to a gaming system that gets wi-fi such as a PlayStation 3, Wii, iPad, iPod and more.

Exhibit company

Thinking about what I discovered and wrote yesterday concerning blog variety, it got me to thinking about the nature of what we do as bloggers. We are each essentially an individual exhibit company, locating and presenting what we consider to be the best possible ideas in the most visually attractive method possible. Simply put, we find the good stuff and put it on a pretty display.


Would it surprise anyone to know that only one out of every 10 Americans has adequate broadband internet? As someone who lives in a rural area, I am lucky to live close enough to a city to get cable internet, but if I go on mile further out, I start meeting people who have to rely on satellite or air cards for internet. The download speed on those is fine, but the upload speed can be problematic depending on your location.

Don’t miss out on any readers

I just read a story about how big companies are looking into optimizing their site to be more accessible to those with physical handicaps. It got me to thinking about the smaller websites and blogs. There are readers everywhere and if you want to get your message out, it would behoove you to try and reach as many people as possible. Now, while you may not have the money to spend on consultants and fancy website design, you can enact some changes to help potential readers access your site. Start small, but at least start.