Friday Mad lib police blotter

Here’s a little Friday fun you can have with a spouse or co-worker before the weekend officially begins.

Two cousins are in __________ (location) awaiting a hearing on charges they were caught with a __________ (noun) full of stolen _______________ (food) Wednesday evening.

The police chief said the men _____________ (past tense verb) because their ______________(car part) appeared to be falling off. That is when an officer noticed the ___________(noun).

Police say in an affidavit they ____________(past tense verb) “a large amount of boxed and packaged ____________(noun)” and ______________ (tool) on the car’s rear seat.

Police said the men planned to _____________ (verb) the stolen ___________ (food) to finance a trip where one of the suspect’s ___________(person) was having ________________ (event).

Police said the men acknowledged stealing the items. Detectives are now trying to ____________(verb) gas stations missing hundreds of dollars worth of ___________(noun).

Mad Lib Friday

I thought I would give you all a break from YouTube Fridays for a few Mad Lib Fridays. Remember, I always take a weird news story and omit certain words, giving you the opportunity to insert your own words and have some fun. If you want to see the original story, click here.

A 19-year-old woman was charged with ____________ (bad habit) after allegedly ____________ (verb ending in “ing) another woman during an ____________noun class, the Seattle Times reported.

The incident occurred Saturday while ________________ (movie) was being shown. Police said she _____________ (past tense verb) into a classroom and started _______________ (verb ending in “ing”) about the video. The victim told her “_____________(rude comment),” according to charging documents.

After ______________ (noun) were exchanged, the woman pulled out a knife with a ____________ (noun) and __________ (verb ending in “ed”) the other woman, police and prosecutors said. She also is accused of threatening to _______ (verb) the other woman’s family, the Times said.

The assailant told police that the other woman _________________ (past tense verb). She was being held on _________ (number) _________ (noun) bail.

Mad-libbed Friday fun

Well, for a change of pace from the normal Friday YouTube fun, I decided to create another quick mad-lib from a weird news story. The true story is that a bus driver started to take kids on a field trip to an amusement park when they were supposed to be going to school.

Officials say a mix-up led a ____________ (vehicle) driver in ______________ (location) to start to take students to an ______________ (vacation spot) instead of school.

About 30 Ridgefield Park High School students boarded thinking it was same ride as every day. But the driver had shown up early to take _______________ (group of people) to Six Flags at 9 a.m.

The students became worried when they reached the _______________ (location) and called _____________(celebrity) and ___________ (government agency) when the driver wouldn’t stop.

The driver eventually listened to them and turned around.

Officials called the police, who stopped the vehicle. An officer rode aboard until it reached ________________(location).

Mad-Libs for your Friday fun

Here’s another mad-lib type of story for you to enjoy on your day before the weekend. I took this story from MSNBC, removed the names to protect the innocent, and left blanks for various words. As funny as this story can be with your help, the real story was much weirder.

A man charged with ____________ (crime) after two women said they saw him _________ (adjective) inside his own home was acquitted by a jury.

The man has argued since his October arrest that he should not be punished for being ___________(adjective) in the privacy of his own home.

Police and ______________(celebrity), as well as the two women who testified against him, said he intended to ___________(verb) himself and made no attempt to conceal himself in a _____________ (location) filled with children.

“It’s really a ____________(noun) off my shoulders after these last six months,” he said after his acquittal. “I think (the verdict) kind of sets the record straight. It was an _____________(adjective) action.”

“When you know you’ve done nothing _____________(adverb), it’s hard to take these kind of accusations and not ___________(verb) up to it,” said the man, an out-of-work commercial ___________(occupation) who racked up thousands of dollars in legal fees.

At the time of his arrest, he was sharing a home in Springfield with other _______________(noun). He testified that his roommates had gone to __________(verb) and left him alone in the house for the first time in months. He was moving out, and decided to pack his ___________(noun) and make breakfast.

Two women testified that they saw him ____________(verb) that morning. The first, a school librarian, said she heard a loud ___________(noun). Then, as she drove by at about 6:40 a.m., she saw him and called 911.

A police officer came by the house, saw nothing _____________(adjective) and left.

A twist to the Friday bit of fun

I decided to do something different for this weeks bit of Friday fun.  Remember the old word game Mad-Libs? I decided to take a story and edit it, protecting the names of anyone involved, and replaced words with blanks to create a fun, silly story.

Martin Stone, an 83-year-old World War II veteran, and his wife Rosetta, 82, say that police have come looking for __________(noun) at their house about 50 times in the past _______(number) years.

It’s not clear why.

Police arrive from all over and ________(verb) on the door of the Martins’ two-story home searching for a _________(adjective) _________(noun) nearly every time. “I’m really worried,” Rosetta said. “How could so many people get my __________(noun) and how could cops be ________(verb ending in -ing) from so many different precincts?” The couple said one of the most __________(adjective) mix-ups came when police and ___________(celebrity) rolled up, hunting for _____________(famous villain).

“That is one I can’t get over,” Martin said, unable to understand how the NYPD could not know how to _________(adverb) find one. Even police don’t understand why the couple’s ____________(noun) continues to be a target. “Our identity theft squad is investigating the matter,” Inspector Red Mulen said.

Martin says they’re ___________(adjective) — but it still makes his ____________(noun) ______________(verb).