Great New Releases


I love watching movies. I admit I’m a bit obessed. I have so many movies! I hardly watch cable because I like movies so much better. One of my favorite things to do is snuggle up on a chilly night and make popcorn and pop in a DVD or Blu Ray. I love all sorts of movies too. Like most women, I love romantic comedies. I also like comedies, dramas, action and adventure, family movies, and more.

There’s some great new releases out there! If you haven’t checked some of these out and are looking for something to do this weekend, these are great movies to rent or buy. One of them is “We Bought a Zoo”. This is a popular movie starring Matt Damon. It’s based on a true story and is a very heartwarming movie. There’s many great others including “The Iron Lady” and “War Horse”. Find a movie in one of your favorite genre, or broaden your horizens and get one you don’t typically watch!


I admit that I am a huge movie fan! Everything from comedy to drama to romance usually finds it’s way on my TV screen. I have a large selection of DVDs in my house that I like to watch over and over again. Sometimes, when I want to change things up or watch something new, I turn to Netflix.

They have a great selection of movies and TV shows to watch instantly for just $8 a month. It connects with your internet to allow online streaming. I have found everything on there from movies made in the 90’s that I haven’t seen in years (“Grumpy Old Men”) to newer releases that came out a few months ago (“Take Me Home Tonight”).

There is also an option through the Netflix service that allows you to choose movies you want mailed to you (new releases that aren’t found on their online streaming). There’s no late fees or due dates back for the movies, which is great!


Best Pictures

Did you ever stop to look back at the selections for Best Picture? Ever compare them to the other nominees for that year? Ever find a movie that won that did not stand up over time the way some of the other movies did? Josh Kurp ranked all 82 Oscar winning films and commented on which ones deserved the win and which ones shouldn’t have won. While I may disagree with some of his alternatives and commentary, it’s an interesting article to peruse.