I was watching a video recently from an epxert in networking. He deals mainly in the business realm, but what he talk about in terms of interacting for networking sounded like a good idea. Ivan Misner advocated spending 6.5 hours each week in the networking process. Now, the activities he mentions are really geared for business, but the concept of spending time networking with others really does have an effect on your success, regardless of the endeavor.

No man is an island

With every blogger wanting to capture readers, it goes without saying that if every blogger did nothing but write on his own blog, there would be no interaction between anyone. Sometimes, bloggers are the most prolific commentors. If you want people coming to your blog to check out your ideas, you need to sally forth and announce your presence on other blogs. Find a blog that discusses the same topic you do and engage the blogger by leaving a comment. You can even leave a link to your blog in your comment. I wouldn’t do this all the time, especially if you comment on a particular blog multiple times. If you really want some fun, find a blog that discusses the opposite point of view from your blog and leave a comment and link. Now, we do want to foster communication and discussion, so name calling and similar juvenile behaviors will not foster positive interaction. So, get out there, let the internet world know you exist, and keep it civil.

Don’t expect to hear much from her

This may fall under the realm of celebrity gossip nonsense, but Emily Blunt (I know what you’re saying, “who?”) has come out publicly and said she will never sign up for Twitter and that Twitter is simple awful. Now, that’s her opinion and I’ll let her have it, but I do think Twitter has some benefits. The recent earthquake in Haiti is a perfect example. People are able to notify many simultaneously that they’re not harmed after the quake hit. If you have relatives that have to go the hospital, that’s when Twitter is useful. Other times, just announcing that you’re shopping for earrings is not that news worthy. But that’s my opinion.