Tech news

Did you ever wonder where some of the experts go for the latest news? Daniel Scocco like to frequent a couple of sites that provide good tech news and insights. Digg and Delicious are in a slow decline in terms of dependibility, so Scocco goes to Techmeme and Hacker News. I may e taking a stroll over their myself soon.

Exhibit company

Thinking about what I discovered and wrote yesterday concerning blog variety, it got me to thinking about the nature of what we do as bloggers. We are each essentially an individual exhibit company, locating and presenting what we consider to be the best possible ideas in the most visually attractive method possible. Simply put, we find the good stuff and put it on a pretty display.

Steve Jobs

Anyone involved with technology today owes some kind of debt of gratitude to Steve Jobs. The man made tech geeks mainstream. And if you know his story, you know that Jobs was actually fired from Apple in the late 80s by John Sculley. In a recent interview, Sculley discusses why he should never have been Apple’s CEO. I have to disagree and say that something like that was necessary. All companies, and all individuals, have periods of success and setback. You can’t always have just one. If Jobs hadn’t been sent away, I believe it is quite possible we might not have the technology and gadgets we have today.

Segway death

There’s a bit of irony here, and most of it is tragic. The British owner of the Segway company, the two-wheeled gyroscope balanced machine that was supposed to revolutionize transportation, died near his home when he fell from a cliff in Yorkshire. Where’s the irony? He was riding a segway when he fell.

All the twitters in the world…

amount to 15 billion. That’s right, there have now been 15 billion official tweets. I don’t know whether to feel good or not about that. I presently don’t do the whole tweeting thing, I just blog. I only have on tweet when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to get involved with this. So, I guess I’m 1/15 billionth of the problem or solutions, depending on your point of view.