Use Curtains to Frame a Bed

curtainsI love browsing around on Pinterest trying to find new ideas for my home. I can’t believe how many great ideas can be in one easily accessible place! My “pinning” got out of control for a little while so I had to make two different boards: one for the home of my dreams and another board for ideas that I can actually use and implement.

I found this great idea and pinned it on the board filled with things that I can use in my home. For this great look, hang a curtain rod and a curtain on each side of the bed. I really like the look of a darker curtain against a light colored wall or a lighter curtain on a dark colored wall. The contrast makes the curtain really pop. You don’t need to have a window in order to hang a curtain up! This is a fun way to add some decoration to your bedroom.


Very Cute Valentine’s Day Decoration



I was browsing around on Pinterest yesterday afternoon and saw this super cute, easy DIY Valentine’s Day decoration. All you need is two different sized that are equal in height, cylinder vases,  several boxes of Sweetheart Valentine’s Day candy, and flowers of your choice (I picked some pretty pink roses to bring out the pink Sweetheart candy pieces.

Place the smaller cylinder vase inside the larger one. Fill the gap between the two vases with Sweetheart candy. Lastly, add flowers in the middle. Set this out a couple weeks before Valentine’s Day. It’s a super cute decoration that’s festive and fun!

A Super Yummy and Healthy Lunch



I am always looking for something new to pack in my lunches for work. I don’t like to waste a bunch of money trying to eat in the cafeteria every day. It can get very expensive and also isn’t the most healthy! Especially after the New Year, I try to at least somewhat stick to my resolution of eating healthier.

I found this amazing roll-up recipe on Pinterest. I tried it yesterday and it was AMAZING. This is definitely something that I will be eating more of.

All you need for this yummy roll-up is 2 wedges of creamy swiss Laughing Cow cheese, a tortilla (plain flour or a different flavor),  2-3 slices of turkey, and 2 tbsp of chopped cucumber. This is super easy to make! Spread the wedges of cheese onto the tortilla, add the turkey and cucumbers and roll the tortilla up. It takes a few seconds to make and it’s super delicious!

Baby Shower Invite

I love sharing great ideas that I come by. I found this one today and just had to share! I found it on Pinterest (of course!) and think it’s super cute. This is a great idea for a baby shower invitation. Instead of the typical baby shower, it encourages guests to try something different. Instead of guests bringing cards that will be read once and thrown away, guests are asked to instead bring a book and to write in the front cover. As the baby grows, you can read to him or her all of the things that their loved ones had to say.

Another great way to word it goes like this: “One small request that won’t be too hard, Please bring a book instead of a card. Whether Cat in the Hat or Old Mother Hubbard, you can sign the book with your thoughts in the cover. Your book will be cherished, well loved or brand new, but please don’t feel obliged, we will leave it up to you.”


Rotating Goal List

I am one busy women! I’m always running around doing various errands and trying to get things done around the house. I have implemented several techniques in my home to try to stay organized and keep things running smoothly. One of my favorite websites to get ideas off of is Pinterest. I actually made a list of things to create and do from the site to keep me busy this summer.

This morning, I found this great printable sheet and instantly “repinned it”. For those of you who don’t know what that means, go check out Pinterest and find out! This is a great rotating goal list because post-its fit perfectly in the spaces and it’s easy to adjust, rotate, and change the goals around. I love being able to concentrate and focus on six goals at a time. I get overwhelmed if there is too many things to do at once.