A Great Dip Recipe For Summer

I’ve got serious Summer Fever. It feels as though it’s NEVER going to get here! I might as well prepare for it to make it feel like it’s closer. Summer…’Tis the season for dips, right? I feel like all summer long I always have various parties and events to attend that involve bringing a dish or snack to pass. My go-to, never-fail is always a tasty dip. This is a queso dip (“queso” means “cheese” in Spanish).

You need a block (32 oz.) of Velveeta cheese, an 8 oz. package of cream cheese, a 10 oz. can of Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chile), 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, and 1 lb. of ground beef or sausage (or a combination of the two!).

Brown the meat and set it aside. Cut up the Velveeta and cream cheese into cubes and put them in a crock pot. Pour in the Rotel and cream of mushroom soup (don’t add water to the soup). Let these ingredients melt and cook for an hour. Add the ground meat and let sit another 30 minutes before serving. Enjoy with tortilla chips!


Cheesy Taco Soup for a Cold Winter Night

taco soup


Winter should be changed to be called “soup season”. I use my crock pot constantly during the week. Last night, I made some delicious taco soup and thank goodness there were leftovers because this was a huge hit!

To make this you will need:

1 lb ground beef

2 tablespoons of butter

2 tablespoons of flour

2 1/2 cups of milk, divided

salt and pepper

1 cup of cheddar cheese (and a little more for topping!)

1 package of taco seasoning

10 oz can of Rotel (undrained)

15 oz can of black beans, rinsed and drained

crushed tortilla chips

How to make it:

1. Brown the ground beef, season with salt and pepper, drain and return to pot.

2. Melt butter in a small saucepan, whisk in flour, and cook for one minute. Slowly whisk in one cup of milk and season with salt and pepper. Use a wooden spoon and stir for 3-4 minutes until the mixture is thickened. Remove from heat and stir in cheddar cheese. (I did step two WHILE I was doing step one, it saved a ton of time).

3. Add the taco seasoning, Rotel, black beans, cheese sauce and remaining milk to the ground beef and stir. Bring to a simmer and stir occasionally. Serve with tortilla chips and remaining shredded cheese.