Christmas Shopping

Oh my goodness I think that I am way behind in my christmas shopping! I have too many people to shop for and too little of money to shop with! Not to mention I started way too late this year! If I had just started early I would have enough money to buy everyone a good gift and would not be struggling with not having enough money or time to do all of my christmas shopping! My advice to all is that you start you shopping in January and purchase 1 to 2 gifts every two weeks!

Winter Clothes

I love shopping for winter clothes for my family. Kohls is actually my favorite place to shop for every member of my family! Kohls has the cutest clothes for my 9 1/2 month old son. My husband can get some nice dressy clothes for work, and some handsome everyday weekend clothes. And for me, forget it, they have everything that I could ever possible want! The shoes there are simply great too. I get everyone in the family new shoes too!

President’s Day

Today is a holiday for many people, namely school teachers, students and a few government employees. What strikes me as odd, though, is the need for people to shop on President’s Day. A lot of stores in my area treat President’s Day as if it were almost Christmas. There are sales and discounts galore. I didn’t realize the chief executives of this country were so intent on savings.

Day After shopping

I was thinking about this yesterday: If you shop for something online, and it has to be returned for some reason, how does that happen? Does it even happen? Whenever I’ve gone online to shop, I always seem to find the right gift. I have never had to return anything that anyone gave me.