Twitter use

Using Twitter requires some finesse. Some people think if you just post some tweets on your topic of interest, eventually people will find you and follow. There’s more to it than that. Interacting via Twitter is crucial to finding followers. You have to think of it as a Swiss Army knife with multiple uses, not just for cutting through to someone’s attention.

Hootsuite update

It’s been one week since I started using Hootsuite to manage my social media accounts, and so far it’s going really well. I’ve been able to see what the people I’m following with my various Twitter accounts are doing and have really seen some great information. Business, personal news is all easier to keep abreast of. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you definitely need to try this out for yourself.

Hoot Suite

Over the weekend, I started experimenting with multiple Twitter accounts. What I discovered is that if you login to itself, you can only be logged in as one name. So, if you have multiple accounts, you’re going to need a different platform. I discovered Hoot Suite. It’s free to sign up and uses 5 different social network accounts. You can use this for Facebook and other social outlets in addition to Twitter. The feeds for all accounts are visible on one screen and if you wish to post something, you can designate which account to use. So far, it’s been very helpful.

Twitter part 2

Well, it seems that I have been hooked with utilizing Twitter to the best of my abilities. I’m already seeing the advantage and necessity of having multiple Twitter accounts. I not only do this but I’m a freelance musician, so I probably want to keep my music Twitter separate from my blogging Twitter, and keep all that separate from my personal Twitter account.

Twitter beginner

I know I seem to go back and forth between being a Twitter supporter and a Twitter hater. Honestly, I think the platform is great for sharing bursts of information, but the celebrity obsession element leaves me nauseous. That being said, I want to start becoming more involved in the Twitter-verse, so I decided to look up some info for someone needing to get started.